Find the best fitting IT solution bringing your business a competitive advantage : CPIT is at the forefront of IT solutions to help enterprises meet up to their industry’s challenges and improve their business efficiency.


Gain a better market perspective so you can take your business in the right direction. Increase your market share and sales volume. Optimize your marketing, sales and reduce your operation costs. Implement IT systems faster than your competitors to support your business roll-out, operations and monitoring. Help boost customer satisfaction through flexible and dynamic customer services with quick reaction and deployment time.


CPIT is bringing its extensive knowledge of business-specific challenges to enterprises. Our multi-cultural team is constantly collaborating with international partners and customers while being sensitive to local market specificities. This ensures our customers to benefit of our ability to deliver the innovative technology they need for their business.

CPIT is focused on delivering and supporting Enterprise grade solutions in APAC (Asia pacific). Thanks to its strong presence in the region with offices in Thailand and Hong Kong as well as a dense network of partners in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia or Philippines, CPIT successfully delivered and supported IT solutions to Enterprises all over Asia, from Australia to Mongolia.