CPIT brings the solution you need to get a clear advantage over your competitors.

Location Intelligence

Be able to quickly and accurately visualise and act on your business data within a geographical context by displaying them on easy-to-use, interactive and embeddable maps, giving you substantial advantages in many processes.

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Business Intelligence

BI solutions enable organisations to successfully monitor and execute their corporate strategies by providing executives with a concise, accurate, and real-time vision of the business’ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

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Customer Care and Billing Suite

Start your business operations with Allyo™ Customer Care and Billing Suite, a streamlined set of IT solutions that will increase your customer base and customer loyalty.

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VAS for Telecom Operators

Amidst fierce competition, fast-growing mobile operators can benefit of our complete suite of innovative VAS infrastructure and applications as a major engine to boost their future revenue growth at minimum costs.

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Unified Communication

Launch rapidly and easily an advanced telecommunication service for corporate users by enabling users to connect IP phones from many and access many innovative features.

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Provisioning Solution

Cut back on time and money spent when rolling out new services with an easy-to-use interface that incorporates a smooth flow design GUI and high-efficiency provisioning engine.

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