Customer Care and Billing Suite

Start your business operations with Allyo™ Customer Care and Billing Suite, a streamlined set of IT solutions that will increase your customer base and customer loyalty.

Allyo CCB

Flexible product & tarif plans, real-time rating capabilities or full fledged customer relationship management are amongst key features integrated in our convergent customer care and billing suite.

360 Customer View

  • End-to end customer management
  • Built-in business processes
  • Detailed customer information

Time to Market Inside

  • Advanced product and services catalog
  • Convergent Offers
  • Fast implementation

Open, Flexible and Standard

  • Prepaid/Postpaid/Hybrid features
  • Real-time rating capacities
  • Convergent balances management
  • Modular rating engine

Convergent Rating and Billing

  • Open interfaces with 3rd party applications
  • Standard foundations (unix, java, web)
  • Modularity
  • Flexible customization

Allyo Online Charging

Enjoy online convergence… Allyo OCS module provides complete, real-time and convergent charging fonctions.


  • Only rating
  • Rating and Discounting

Rating and Discounting

  • Several UO can be applied on the same event in real time
  • Same event can be split based on UO calculation (according to time/volume/credit limits)


  • Commit usage
  • Credit reservation
  • Maintain / Update balances


  • xDR usage record generation
  • Automatic transfer

Multiple implementation schemes

  • Standalone / Add-on
  • Integrated

Adapts to business guidelines

  • Re-use existing modules
  • Integrate with prepaid/hybrid environment