Location Intelligence

Manage the Where of your Business

Galigeo provides innovative Location Intelligence solutions for superior business analytics since 2001.

Galigeo software connects directly to enterprise applications, maps large-scale datasets and applies spatial processing to enhance data visualization, reporting and predictive analytics.

Integration of a location intelligence solution within a business intelligence solution delivers contextualization of corporate data and more rapid awareness of the relationships existing between corporate data and its related location and spatial organization. The result is the ability to identify trends, gain new insights and make better data-driven business decisions.

Galigeo software is a comprehensive suite of advanced applications that delivers on the critical requirements to successfully deliver Location Intelligence through a service-oriented architecture (SOA). Modular deployment lets you meet immediate user needs and expand or modify as needed.


Galigeo for BI

Galigeo location intelligence provides mapping solutions to SAP BusinessObjects, SAP Dashboard, SAP Design Studio, SAP Lumira and IBM Cognos.

Galigeo for BI connects directly to your BI solution, maps large-scale data sets and applies spatial processing to:

  • Allow user to view their data geographically
  • Better understand, predict and improve the efficiency and measurement of their business activities
  • Enhance data visualization, reporting and predictive analytics.

Galigeo for SalesForce.com

Bring maps and geolocation to your Salesforce. Manage your Salesforce object data on map, Plan events related to a record, Navigate and explore your data analysis, Select area or point of interest and calculate new metrics and statistics.

  • Plan and Design Field Marketing

  • Analyze your market locally and globally

  • Wherever your are, you can use Galigeo!

Galigeo Enterprise

Galigeo Enterprise is a map-centric product which enables users to understand the geographical context and the location-based relationships that lie within data. It gives users the tools to analyze and monitor data more fully and efficiently.

Galigeo Enterprise is the only location intelligence software capable of natively connecting ArcGIS to BI data, CRM data, standard data sources (Oracle, SQL, Excel, etc.) and business data of all types (transactional, operational, analytical and aggregated).

CPIT is Galigeo exclusive distributor for APAC (Asia pacific). Thanks to its strong presence in the region with offices in Thailand and Hong Kong as well as a dense network of partners in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia or Philippines, CPIT successfully delivered and supported Location Intelligence solutions to Enterprises all over Asia, even as far as Mongolia.